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Hospital changing the way it works.

"We need to start moving from a deficit position to break even or a surplus in the way we have done for the past 10 years." [Suzanne Tracey, quoted in the article, has been the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital's director of finance and business development for all most seven years]

That means radically rethinking the way the RD&E is run by creating a new model of care for the future.

"At the moment we are treating people in a system that's at least 20 to 30 years old," explained Suzanne. "The best example is the Internet and the way people now do business. We are still not there in health so we have to look at how we make better use of technology. It will require some investment but it will change the way we deliver services. Developing a new model of care for the future will be quite radical.

"At the moment the focus is on treating a person with an illness or symptoms. What we actually need to do is look at ways of prolonging health and keeping people well."

She added: "The important thing is how we work with the people of Exeter and East and Mid Devon to make a change in a positive way and it's about how we engage with the public to do that."

When asked whether she is confident the fortunes of the RD&E can be turned around, Suzanne said: "What I am confident about is that we are not just sitting back and expecting to continue running things the way we always have done"

"I am confident we have been brave enough as an organisation to face up to the reality of what the national picture means to us. We have a really clear plan and we need to start implementing it.

Extracted from Express & Echo 9/7/15 p15