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Action Plan to Improve Hospital Food

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February 2014. My interest in hospital food began with an emergency admission to the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital. I was an inpatient for ten weeks. I don't remember my first sight of the patients' menu. I knew it would not provide adequate nutrition for a vegetarian in the long term, but for a week or so I would come to no harm. By the end of my extended stay I was experiencing problems related to the food.
The discharge social worker (who was excellent) was a vegan. She told me of the problems vegans, whether patient or staff, have obtaining suitable food in the hospital. I resolved to do something to improve the lot of vegetarians and vegans. Oh how naive I was!

Back home, I wrote a few emails to the hospital and soon realised that was a waste of time. I was told about James Martin's programmes "Operation Hospital Food". The latest in the series had been shown when I was in hospital. I discovered there are campaigns to improve hospital food. I should have been completely discouraged, but thought if Jews and Muslims have their own hospital menus why can't Veggies. So Veggie Hospital went to Twitter and Facebook. It was not long before I was hearing comments from meat eaters about the need to improve all hospital food.

The European Court of human rights say vegans are a recognised group. Thus, they are entitled to have a vegan menu in hospitals. Such menus should be available in all hospitals by Summer 2015. Most vegetarians would be happy to eat a good vegan diet (perhaps supplemented by dairy and egg options) while in hospital. So there is a solution for veggies in hospital if the hospital is providing good food.
Now Veggie Hospital is about improving hospital food for everybody.

I analysed as much of the James Martin's programmes I could access and looked at the programme's website. I realised James Martin had provided the formula to improve hospital food, all that was missing was the support of a large number of the people living in a hospital's catchment area. Hopefully that support will motivate the authorities at each hospital to implement The James Martin Formula, build on what they already do well and ensure their patients receive tasty nourishing food, and staff and public can benefit from profitable onsite restaurants and snack bars.

1. Gather public support to back implementing The James Martin Formula at the hospital.
2. Approach the hospital catering managers to discuss the good and the not so good about the food.
3. Approach the Hospital Catering Association (HCA), The British Dietetic Association, The Vegan Society and the Vegetarian Society and enlist their support and advice.
4. Consider a plant based core menu with meat, fish, dairy, egg, legume and nut protein options.