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Improve Hospital Food

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 Do you live in the catchment area of the Royal Devon & Exeter hospital? Will you join me and others to work with the hospital to ensure improvements are made to patient food? Veggie Hospitals began to improve vegetarian and vegan options, but I soon realised this initiative needs to cover all patient food.

If you or your organisation would like to get involved in this grass-roots initiative, working together with the RD&E to improve food and menu options for everyone, please:

Once enough interest is generated, we will set up online and/or real-world forums to devise expert recommendations for the hospital, and submit a formal, realistic and creative proposal for these improvements to be made.

I realise changes will take time and the hospital will have contracts with suppliers that probably can't be changed until they came up for renewal. And, of course, there will be budget constraints, but James Martin has shown it can be done. Please join us. Thank you.  Judith Morrison