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Right4Me Movement

Radical and beneficial shifts in attitudes could bring benefits to patients and the NHS budget. General advice about diet and exercise would be changed to person-centred care. Patients would be helped to make lifestyle changes that are right for them and reduce risks of developing chronic illness,

I would like to see an integrated approach with GP surgeries being proactive in encouraging patients to opt into being involved in their wellbeing and health care.

Such a programme starts with an overview of the patient's physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and life circumstances. A realistic, personal, health management plan for the individual patient is made from the overview. The plan includes the part the patient "opts into" - tailored advice on nutrition and exercise and encouragement to explore slow but sure ways of making changes and adopting beneficial new habits.

Such Opt-in Plans would have Internet and Apps support, be run by nurses and other health professionals, or even be an extension of the Expert Patient Programme preventing or reducing risks of developing chronic illness.

Let's start a ground swell of patients who are proactive about their health and wellbeing, care about what they eat and who can discern "What is right for me" from the plethora of advice.

Let orange and green be the colours for proactive patients opting into integrated person centre care. To show support and be part of the development of the "Right4Me" movement wear orange and green ribbons, wristbands, baseball caps, scarves or ties.     (Judith H Morrison)

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