Patience and Virtue - Beethoven

"Patience - that is what I must now let guide me, and what I have let guide me - I hope above all that I will be resolute enough to wait until pitiless fate determines to break the thread. Maybe my health will improve, maybe not. Whatever, I am prepared. ... Divine One, you alone can see into my innermost soul. ... and should there exist in the world any man as unfortunate as I, let him comfort himself in the knowledge that, as I have done, he too can accomplish everything that is within his power, and be elevated into the ranks of worthy artists and great men. ... Teach your children Virtue, for it alone can bring them happiness, not money, and I speak from experience. It was Virtue that lifted me up when I was wretched. I owe it to Virtue, together with my art, that I did not end my own life."

Ludwig van Beethoven in his Will made on 6th October 1802
From Beethoven: The Man Revealed by John Suchet. (2012) Eliot &Thompson Ltd, London.