Spinning the Warp: A personal story

Spinning the Warpby Judith H Morrison.

TOO TABOO to talk about? Shouldn't have been. From an idyllic early childhood and academic success, the course of the author's life changed in her late twenties following a few hours wait in casualty. What followed were family illnesses, bereavements and disability.

In this book she describes her family's sudden entry into the unknown world of mental health services, their lack of compassion, failings in communication and the consequences for her whole family. A decade ago she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis; a diagnosis that could have been made earlier if she'd known the family secret, and if physical ailments and ordinary events every family encounters hadn't been turned into mental health issues.

While growing up she'd absorbed, as if by osmosis, the influence of her parents' interests in naturopathy and Buddhism. That was the seed which sprouted in her thirties, developed into an interest in health and grew into her personal philosophy of practical epigenetics.

An optimistic philosophy which arose from a synthesis of her life's experiences, the study of psychology, Ayurveda, Permaculture and Emotional Logic and managing the challenges brought by multiple sclerosis.

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