Books about Permaculture

range from simple introductions to comprehensive manuals. There are many excellent specialist books on the range of topics which are encompassed by Permaculture. Permanent Publications offer a good selection. Browse their website or contact them for advice

Book categories

Permaculture in a Nutshell

Permaculture in a Nutshellby Patrick Whitefield. A concise introduction to the principles and practices of Permaculture In a temperate climate. The book shows how Permaculture can be used in cities and rural settings, farm and garden and how Permaculture's design principles can be used to create sustainable communities. Order…

The Earth Care Manual:

The Earth Care Manual:A Permaculture Handbook for Britain & other temperate climates by Patrick Whitefield. A comprehensive book on Permaculture for Permaculture enthusiasts containing a wealth of detail, and a vision of a sustainable future and practical guidance on how that can be achieved.  Click here for…