Why am I interested?

In 2013 I discovered I'm a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). The leading authority on HSP is Elaine Aron. She began her research into high sensitivity in 1991. It has developed into Sensory Processing Sensitivity, a personality trait, and a good one to have.

In the trailer for Sensitive, The Untold Story, it says four qualities are present in HSPs. These are (i) being a deep thinker, (ii) being easily over-stimulated, (iii) having heightened empathy, and (iv) having greater awareness of subtleties. There is research evidence to support Elaine Aron's findings. About 20% of the population are HSPs.

Generally SPSs are relieved to discover their "shyness" or being overwhelmed by aspects of daily life are parts of a personality trait which has many benefits when understood. Often it can be misdiagnosed as learning difficulties or somewhere on the Aspergers or Autistic spectrums. In childhood (and later in life) it can be labelled as Sensory Processing Disordered.

Having heighten sensory processing is hereditary. Parents of a Highly Sensitive child appreciate knowing the hyper- or hypo- sensory reactions of their child are not due to their parenting. When parents understand about HSPs they teach their children the skills needed to be a successful HSP. They can ensure schools provide conditions in which Highly Sensitive children can thrive and not struggle.

The Synchroniser Bug - A layperson's hypothesis 

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