FlexxiCore® Passive Exerciser

The FlexxiCore® Passive Exerciser combines the energizing effects of an ingenious Japanese home exercise device with the therapeutic back care benefits

of specialist CPM equipment – at a fraction of the cost. You just lie down, put your feet up, and let the FlexxiCore's robust motor do all the work. An elegant and rhythmic wave of oscillating "goldfish" movement travels through your body, releasing tension and stress, while stimulating deeper breathing and improved circulation. Watch the video.

And it is great for people with limited mobility. Judith's yoga therapist introduced her to the exerciser. "I love it and use it twice a day. It is at the end of my bed and sometimes I use it on the lowest speed at night to help relieve pains in my legs.

Read Sara & Kim Damskier's statement of appreciation for their Surge of Chi exerciser (now known as a Flexxicore Passive Exerciser). Kim has had secondary progressive MS since 1979 which has eventually resulted in total paralysis from the waist down and ataxier in his arms ... 

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